Wrapping Up The Differences Between The Gyro And The Shawarma

Image source: chicago.seriouseats.com
Image source: chicago.seriouseats.com

Who doesn’t want a great-tasting sandwich? Shawarmas and gyros are a must-try for people who want a taste of Mediterranean cuisine. A lot of people think that gyros and shawarmas are the same: both have meat roasted to perfection with sumptuous veggies and sauce wrapped around in pita bread, but there are key differences between the two. Below are clues on how to differentiate a gyro from a shawarma.

Shawarma is of Middle-Eastern origin, and the gyro is a sandwich from Greece. Shawarma came from Turkey as a different type of kebab.

Image source: seriouseats.com
Image source: seriouseats.com

In terms of meatiness, the gyro is made out of loaf-like meat mixtures, usually of lamb and beef. Shawarma is made of meat like lamb, goat, fish, or chicken. Spotting a gyro from a sea of shawarmas is easy because gyro meat comes in long and thin stripes. Shawarma meat is often small and chunky. Meanwhile, spices used in gyros include oregano and garlic. Shawarma seasonings and spices include cinnamon, vinegar, dried lime, and allspice. As for sauces, shawarma comes with a tahini made of hummus. Gyro is paired with tzatziki or a spiced yogurt sauce.

Still confused? Don’t let the pita bread fool you! Or maybe it’s time for you to make a taste test to know the difference.

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