To a Delicious Feed: Facebook Accounts Every Food Love Should Follow

Tired of all the selfies and long-winded status updates from your Facebook friends? If you love to cook or simply love food, then there are plenty of Facebook accounts that cater to your needs. Here are some pages you should like for a more delectable feed:


Food52 is arguably internet’s ultimate source for all things food. Get the latest updates from recipes to stunning food photography by liking them on Facebook. Their posts will surely make you crave for something every time you refresh your feed.

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Buzzfeed puts all things related to food (recipes, photos, trivia, tips) into their social media food arm called “Tasty.” They post plenty of one-minute video recipes that range from pasta to dessert to anything covered with cheese.

Bon Appetite Magazine

Bon Appetite Magazine is a foodie’s haven both in print and online. Its Facebook page is chock full of delicious looking recipes accompanied by fabulous shots that will make anyone scrolling through their feed drool.

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Spoon University

This page is perfect for college students and those who still eat like they’re in college. It has plenty of simple recipes and food hacks for better instant food. A word of caution, some of their recipes aren’t for the weak.

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